“ As the Discreet Guardian of Wine,
the cork should fulfill its mission without fail. ”
Jean-François Lafitte


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a good wine deserves the perfect cork stopper
PerfectGO technology provides a scientific method of single cork analysis, creating 100% *TCA free lots.

This process is innovative in the cork industry and the beginning of a revolution:
total elimination of “corked” flavor in the cork stoppers.

Merging the PerfectGO technology with the impeccable qualities of the natural cork stopper, we guaranty that the ritual of the wine is
ALLWAYS a perfect experience.

* releasable TCA content below 1,0 ± 0,5 ng/l;
analysis performed in accordance to ISO 20752.


LCP has a new look!

Lafitte Cork Portugal has renewed its visual identity.
We unified the great history of Lafitte Group in a simple and strong brand.

Micro Agglomerated 1+1

This new product is the union of the physical and sensorial qualities of micro agglomerated cork closures, with the unique properties of cork in its natural state, creating a product of distinct excellence.


This single cork TCA detection technology has arrived to revolutionize the industry, and Lafitte is already delivering the first orders of 100% safe corks to their customers.