" Lafitte is Quality and Tradition "


Quality Control

The basis of Lafitte’s integrated system of quality is quite simple.  The raw material undergoes many levels of scrutiny during production by the operators of each stage.  It is further inspected by the lab to guarantee the pre-established quality standards.

The tests performed throughout the production process can be grouped in the following way:

Physical tests


Chemical tests

Oxidant residues
Solid residues
Sensorial Analysis
Analysis of chloroanisole (TCA,TeCA,PCA)

Mechanical tests

Extraction force
Sealant simulation
Resistance to boiling water
Elasticity recuperation


Hydrostatic pump


To add value to the cork, a naturally excellent product, guaranteeing quality and surpassing expectations, in a sustainable, competitive and innovative way.


Lafitte aims, over the next decade, to be: a preferred partner in the world’s main wine sectors; leaders in quality of supplied products, in all markets.


General management believes quality is the key factor in the group’s culture, and believes that its management orientation is based on the spirit of continuous improvement covering all the existing processes within the organization.  This is done with the aim of achieving the company’s strategic objectives and satisfying the needs and expectations of the clients and other relevant interested parties.
Also assumes to:
-  Provide a solid future for all employees, integrated in a successful team, motivated and comprised with continuous improvement;
-  Establish strong relations with our partners, based on trust and mutual benefit;
-  Ensure profitability to the administration so that they keep investing in the group – sustainability;
-  Respect the compliance to Norms, Regulations and Legal Requirements, applicable to the product and commit to assure the effectiveness of the HACCP system, to avoid unsafe products.


We take pride in our many certifications.  Each certificate demonstrates our ability to achieve quality standards of excellence, improve performance and promote responsible development in the areas of quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility.

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